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The purpose of Tech Marketing Association is to promote the academic and professional development of members and advance the prestige of the Rawls College of Business Administration and Texas Tech University. To accomplish these goals, we provide our members with opportunities to interact with those in the business community who can offer insight into their careers; Participate in community service; Engage with Rawls College Of Business Administration faculty outside the classroom setting; 

Marketing Association was founded in 1956, by students in the College of Business. From there it has grown to be one of the largest and most awarded organizations on campus. 

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Fall Semester 2020

Rylan Springer


Malcolm Harlan

VP of Marketing

Jessica Riley

VP of Operations

George Tichenor

VP of External Relations

Dr. Dino Villegas

Faculty Advisor


Professional Events

Professional Business Dinners with companies and information Sessions with employers

Community Service

We are passioned about giving back to the Lubbock community


Do love sports? we have it! Football, Volleyball, Softballs and others

Social Events

Want to network and meet friends? We have many social events during the year

Industry Trips

Every semester the most active members have the oportunity to go on a Business Trip with TMA

Tech Consulting Group

Gain real life experience interacting with companies in the Tech Consulting Group

Long lasting relationships

TMA Alumni

The Tech Marketing Association would like to thank you for your dedication to TMA and the Rawls College of Business. We recognize that our vast, diverse group of alumni paved the way for students now and are big reason why The Rawls and TMA are so successful.

TMA has begun focusing heavily on creating valuable, long lasting relationships with our alumni and alumni of the Rawls College of Business. We believe that a monthly newsletter is the perfect way to start interacting with alumni. It will give you updates on our recent events, companies we have spoken with and will also provide a deeper look at our officers and members. If you are interested in receiving a monthly TMA newsletter.

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If you are interested in a potential business partnership, would like to speak to TMA, have any other inquiry’s or questions please contact us in the following form, our Alumni Relations Director, Ashley Leopold, will be happy to contact you.

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